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Re: Repeater and sync from midi in

----- Original Message -----
From: "Mark Sottilaro" <sine@zerocrossing.net>
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Friday, July 18, 2003 11:02 AM
Subject: Re: Repeater and sync from midi in

> On Friday, July 18, 2003, at 07:22 AM, Paul Sanders wrote:
> >> What could be happening is that you're sending the Repeater a pitch
> >> change message an oct down.  Try changing the Repeater's midi
> >> channel. Clock is on all channels so it won't matter.
> >
> > Hi Mark. I did this and it seemed to work. Good call. I don't think
> > the drum machine is sending a pitch change, but I wouldn't be
> > surprised if the repeater isn't *intepreting* something as a pitch
> > change!
> Not sending pitch change, but what I meant to say is MIDI note numbers
> which I bet your drum machine is sending and the Repeater interprets
> for pitch shifting.

I THOUGHT I had turned them off. I was futzing with several of the midi
settings last night. If I recall, that one cleared things up, but then 
the same thing later didn't, but then I've noticed some bugginess in the
Roland DR-770's setup menus as well, so that could be part of it.

The other annoying thing is that the DR770 doesn't send ANYTHING it
generages if MIDI Thru is enabled, which sucks. Now I have to have a merge
box in order to get the midi clock AND the foot controller commands to the
repeater. Drag, but I guess that's typical.

> Mark Sottilaro