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Crankiest LD member contest

Dude, you're so in.  We should do an Oscar style LD awards where we 
have categories and nominations and we could all vote for our favorite 

What Paul doesn't understand is that while we're busy tearing him a new 
asshole, (I hope he can shit faster and spend the extra time he gains 
reading his gear manuals) most others are just rolling their eyes and 
ignoring him.  I get pissed because I'm trying to help someone who 
can't be bothered to read all the helpful posts we've spent a lot of 
time and care writing.  I hope someone's getting something out of all 

That being said, writing about this stuff helps me better understand 
what I myself am doing and gives me new ideas to try, so it's not all 
altruistic.  Most of you guys are amazingly great sources of 
information and I cherish this list because of that.

Mark Sottilaro

On Saturday, July 19, 2003, at 12:18 PM, Chris Muir wrote:

> At 12:02 PM -0700 7/19/03, Mark Sottilaro wrote:
>> I propose a crank-off to decide once and for all who is the crankiest 
>> most sarcastic loopers delight member!  Me or Kim!  May the crankier 
>> man win!
> Oooh! Oooh! Can I play? Here's my submission:
>> But do you expect people who run your software on these systems to be 
>> able to run it without understanding it, or at least something of the 
>> *nix world? No, you probably assume a basic understanding of *nix. 
>> You probably assume the users of your software will read the 
>> documentation or at least the man page, no? And even in your 
>> documentation you probably don't have anything to cover the case of 
>> "Gee, I did a 'chmod 0000 your_program' and now it doesn't run".