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OT Adrenalinn problem

This is off topic, but I'm quite frustrated and I thought some people on
this list might be able to help.  I've had the Adrenalinn for about a
year now.  It's become an integral part of my live sound.  I've had
problems with the sound cutting out on it.  I haven't had the problem in
a while until recently.  Last night at a gig, the sound just cut out.  I
just unplugged it and plugged it back in and I didn't have a problem
with it for the rest of the night.  Tonight however, it cut out and sent
a horrible uncontrollable noise through the PA.  When  I unplugged it,
it was fine for one tune and then it happened again.  I couldn't use it
for the rest of the night.  Here is my set up guitar>tuner>Boss
Harmonist>Tube Screamer>Adrenalinn>Countryman DI Box>Mixer with EDP in
Aux Send to house PA.  Part of the problem tonight migh have been that
the Extension cord was plugged into an outlet with a dimmer switch.  I
noticed that the lights were dimming and coming back through the night.
    Does anybody have any ideas to solve this problem?  Would it help to
plug in into the power conditioner in my rack?  I'd hate to stop using
the Adrenalinn live.

Thanks in advance,