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Re: Matthias Grob's New CD

Matthias' CD is indeed very very good - though I've got to say, I didn't
'release' the CD... Matthias did it all himself, but asked, due to the
common musical ground between my CDs and his, to use the Pillow Mountain
Records name, which I was more than happy to have happen. It's a great CD,
and I'm sure that most people who like what I do will enjoy Matthias' 

So in fact, all I've really done is put up a page on the Pillow Mountain
Records website... ;o)


BTW, while we're talking about CD sales, if you're wanting to get mine, you
can buy all three through gemm.com with free shipping worldwide at the
moment... go to my site and click special offers for more info -
www.stevelawson.net - I'm also pretty close to selling out of 'and nothing
but the bass', my debut CD, so if you're wanting a copy of that, you'd
better get in quick! :o)

the next CD out on the label with by a loopalicious duo CD, of me with
sax/flautist, Theo Travis, who some of you will have seen play at the
looping gigs in Cambridge and Norwich. He's an oustanding musician, and I'm
really loving the stuff that we've recorded together... There's one (fairly
loopless) MP3 on my website at the moment, if you want a listen, with more
to follow...


----- Original Message -----
From: "Andre LaFosse" <altruist@earthlink.net>
To: <loopers-delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Sunday, July 20, 2003 1:15 AM
Subject: Matthias Grob's New CD

> I don't remember seeing this mentioned on the list yet, amazingly
> Matthias Grob (Echoplex inventor, LoopIV software writer, etc.) has a
> new CD available:
> http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/grob
> Soapbox time:
> If the EDP has made any sort of difference to your music at all, then
> please take a couple of minutes to order this disc through the web site
> above, and help support Matthias (who made the EDP possible in the first
> place) and Steve Lawson (whose label is putting it out).
> Or you could simply view it as an investment in some of the most highly
> developed and beautiful live electronic music you'll find - there are
> several sound clips on the web page as well.
> Well done, Matthias (and Steve)!
> --Andre LaFosse
> The Echoplex Analysis Pages:
> http://www.altruistmusic.com/EDP