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Re: OT: Bass Hum

redrum123 wrote:
> (sorry this is so off topic, but you guys are uberhelpful and 
> I've had my acoustic bass for not even a month, and there is a rather 
> noise issue using the pickup (it has a Fishman Classic4 preamp).  I 
>think it
> is a new problem, I don't remember having this level of noise on the line
> before.  I have the guitar running into an Ultra-DI box (by Behringer), 
> then into an AB switch to my EDP.  I've tested the guitar by running it
> straight into my Tube Preamp, and even straight into a mixer, using 
> an instrument cable or an XLR to 8th-inch cable, and the noise is
> consistent.  I can get rid of the noise by touching the guitar and the DI
> (or mixer or preamp), so the instrument should be capable of much less
> noise.  Also, I've found that if I touch the metal of the cable 
>connector on
> the guitar, the noise disappears.

I had a similar problem with a Fishman bridge piezo.  Turned out the 
shielding was broken on the pickup itself.  Nothing that can be done 
except to change the piezo element. :(