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Numerology (was: Repeater latency)

> i _do_ agree that the Repeater is an excellent rhythm looper. 
> the slip 
> control is especially cool. however, i only use looping for ethereal 
> things now that i have a MIDI sequencer i enjoy working with 
> (Numerology).

> Eric Williamson
> www.suitandtieguy.com


What a coincidence! I was just reading about Numerology tonight at
www.osxaudio.com (and their own site as well) and I was very impressed
with it. I wish I had the time to check it out in praxis as well ;-9

BTW - regarding muting the Repeaters direct input to avoid latency...
There is actually a workaround, if you can spare one repeater track:

1. Mute direct input by pressing stop/overdub.
2. Split your input signal to enter both the input and the fx loop
3. Activate "FX insert Engage" on the front panel.
4. Activate "FX send" for at least one track.

Than you can happily beat your clavinet and loop it with no 12.5 ms

Best wishes

Per Boysen
---> www.boysen.se
---> www.looproom.com
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28 July, Stockholm Jazz Festival
05 Aug 13.00, Umeå, Noliamässan