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RE: Repeater latency

Title: RE: Repeater latency

>>thanks for quantifying what i felt about the Repeater.

I'm a keybaordist, and the latency was irritating enough that it kept
me from being able to use it in a rhythmic context.<<

it's unusable for looping up my band's "berlin school" sequencer parts. sort of makes you wonder what on earth they were thinking.... I've never felt inclined to hook up a pair of SL1200's and a citronic, and I'm guessing I would've been disappointed if I had, but they must've investigated it's performance with turntables (with a view to DJ's using it for building up rhythmic loops from vinyl) because they put rca jacks and a phono pre-amp in it.

so ther repeater reminds me of leeds united's beloved alan smith- great potential, but immature. or is it more like olivier dacourt, slow and unresponsive? I've had trouble getting it to pay enough attention to my urgent button pushing, and it usually blames the cfc card.....



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