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Re: looping-structure

Many, many things.  One of my favorites is to start a loop and build.  
Sure, I could do that with multiple people.  Then I'll stop feeding the 
loop and begin playing over it.  Still something that could be done 
with a band.  THEN I open the loop back up and set the feedback to say 
65%.  I can add new stuff while the old fades until I end up with a 
totally different loop.  That would be nearly impossible to do with a 
band.  Sure one could get 15 guitarists to play the same phrase over 
and over slightly lowering their volume with each pass, but who (unless 
you're in Philip Glass's band) wants to do that?

So other than the fading/replacing thing, there's the question of how 
do you get a bunch of people to play a phrase over and over and over 
again.  While it's a great effect when all the layers are looping along 
together, I think most musicians want to stretch out a bit and 
explore... as I'm doing when I loop.

Mark Sottilaro

On Wednesday, July 23, 2003, at 11:35  AM, Ral Bonell wrote:

> Labas!
> food for thought or simply, i'm an idiot:
> What things can you do with realtime looping,
> that doesn't go in the direction of "one man band"?
> More precise, things that would not be possible or
> even would be *trickier* if more people (of course,
> without loop machines)was involved to perform them?
> Aciu!
> Viso gero!
> Ral
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