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Re: Reaktor 4 as gtr processor

I like both.  Warm yummy crunch of tubes and new interesting sounds.  I 
think the best sonic manipulation can happen when you start with a 
great tone to begin with (pick pre-amp of choice) and then add the 
craziness.  My biggest influences have all decided to use a nice tube 
pre in their system and after years of experimenting, I do admit I like 
them too.

On the other hand, I leave my tube amps home and gig with digital 
modelers.  They are plenty good enough for me at a gig and much lighter.

Mark Sottilaro

On Wednesday, July 23, 2003, at 07:29  AM, Scott Hansen wrote:

> yes, i will say that when i was listening to david's demo cd of the
> reaktor 4 as gtr processor i thought: "if you're a 
> vintage/tone-guru/tube
> preamp is KING/etc" type of person, i was thinking that you
> will not like david's demo cd. and if your idea of "enough
> filter" is a nice old crybaby wah, then again, you probably wouldn't 
> like it.
> but if you're like me, who's never owned one of the classic vintage
> tube amps that "all the biggies play", and like to hear new
> sounds, it's a fun cd to listen to.
> s---
>> Perhaps I should have been clearer. These mp3s were actually offered 
>> to a
>> Reaktor-Composer's forum, as part of a different dialog. I mentioned 
>> them
>> here only because they ARE extracted from the R4 demo CD I made, but
>> they're not typical of the 25 or so minutes of demos on it, since 
>> each of
>> these is a ramble thru a single effect preset, as opposed to the bulk 
>> of
>> the demo, which is many short passes thru many different presets of a 
>> bunch
>> of Reaktor virtual processors. So, if you want a better idea of the 
>> range
>> of R4 FX, send me an address and I'll forward a copy of the whole 
>> thing.
>> Even so, the point of any of these tracks is NOT Reaktor as a preamp 
>> or amp
>> simulator...it's the FX.
>> Reaktor4 now includes a guitar-amp/speaker simulator, but I didn't 
>> bother
>> to demo it since I'm not interested in using the computer to make a 
>> guitar
>> sound like a guitar. The preamps I used include VG8/88, PodXT, and 
>> GT6, so
>> I guess our tastes in preamp sounds differ? I hadn't even considered 
>> that
>> that would matter. I also prefer hardware for some stuff, but I've 
>> ditched
>> a couple of mpx1's and Vortex's along the way in my exploration of 
>> digital
>> fx, and don't miss 'em at all. Reaktor outshines them, for my 
>> purposes, in
>> every conceivable way.
>> dc
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>> Subject:     Re: Reaktor 4 as gtr processor                  
>> 07/22/2003                                                            
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>> Hmmm, I'm listening to the samples... and I'm a bit unimpressed.
>> They're at a high bitrate, yet they sound thin... were you going
>> directly into some A/D converter when you made this?  I'm curious to
>> know the recording process... sounds like the guitar wasn't put 
>> through
>> a good preamp or something.
>> Other than that the effects sound interesting, but for $500 I'd just 
>> as
>> soon get a couple of Lexicon Vortexes or a used Lexicon MPX1 and free
>> up my CPU for other stuff.  Maybe I'm just old school but I like
>> dedicated hardware for some stuff.
>> Mark Sottilaro
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