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Re: Repeater latency

I gotta say--
  you are using the Repeater incorrectly or have/had a defective unit 
because plain and simply this isn't the case with mine or any of the 
others I've encountered in my day.  I hear Jon Wagner playing with one 
with no flammage to speak of, though he does mention he can notice the 
11 ms latency.

I know this is the EDP list and people love to flame the Repeater.  I 
know the Repeater is far from perfect, but let's try to stick with the 
facts.  I've been putting keyboard triggered percussion into the 
Repeater a lot lately and it's fine for such things.  Do you think Rick 
Walker would use one if it had such an issue?  Nope.  Nor would I.

Mark Sottilaro

On Wednesday, July 23, 2003, at 01:06  PM, Relay wrote:

> I gotta say--
> I bought a Repeater to use as a second looper along side an Echoplex 
> DP.  I
> plugged a tone module into both units and tried to play 
> percussion--and got
> flams!
> Need I say more?
> Gary
> PS  The second EDP I am now using for percussion loops DOES NOT HAVE 
> PROBLEM and seems to have provided a fairly reliable solution to my
> situation.
> G