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RE: Bass Hum

a typical dimmer for incandescent (old-fashioned or halogen) bulbs 
chops up the waveform in way that, if it was audio, would make any 
grunge guitarist happy.
In fact, I wonder that no one has made an SCR fuzz box, that I know 
of...hmmm...  run guitar through step-up transformer-- plug into 
cheap dimmer-- step back down (or not) then into amp-- look ma! 
Sound, lights and smoke effects in one cabinet!

btw he didn't mention fluorescents-- but while we're off topic,
modern high-frequency ballasts (some of them at least) are a lot 
better with regards to induced hum and buzz.

At 6:24 PM -0400 7/23/03, Will Brake wrote:
>AND it is unlikely replacing the dimmer will solve your problem.
>Florescent lighting is a HUGE problem. Best of luck!
>Will Brake
>Soul Fruit Electronics
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>From: David Beardsley [mailto:db@biink.com]
>Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2003 5:44 PM
>To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>Subject: Re: Bass Hum
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>From: "redrum123" <redrum123@worldnet.att.net>
>>  Well, it's been fixed.  Here's the bag.
>>  Me and my friends (I'm 20) set up a studio in my parents basement,
>>  assorted equipment of all kinds (it's really too nice), and we put an
>>  ultraexpensive dimmer on the lights (touch sensitive dimming), which
>>  the lights to hum.
>>  After I went to guitar center and figured out there was no hum when I
>>  plugged her into thier amps, and talking with one of the guys there
>>  didn't know as much as me + etc. etc. etc.  I went down to our studio
>>  plugged it in with the lights off kinda in a rush, and bam diggity no
>>  New lightswitch being installed ahora mismo.
>>  Thanks a GREAT DEAL for the help, I wear my t-shirt proudly.
>Light dimmer = one of the classic reasons for hum!
>* David Beardsley
>* microtonal guitar
>* http://biink.com/db