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Re: Claude Voit's CD

Thanks André

till now I've handled all Internet order this easy way

send me 20 $ in a well concealed letter with your postal address and
I'll send you my cd direct to your home
If you want to use Paypal and your credit card send 20$ to c.voit@vtx.ch
and dont forget to enter your postal adress

my adress is

Claude Voit
Grand rue 4
CH 1260 Nyon

Hava nice fresh summer day

here its like in africa


> Hello Claude,
> Is there any chance people could get a copy of your first CD "See
>  Is it for sale anywhere?  I've heard nothing but good thing about it,
> and the few minutes Matthias played for me last year sounded great, so
> I'd certainly like to pick up a copy if you'd like to sell it to me...
> --Andre LaFosse
> The Echoplex Analysis Pages:
> http://www.altruistmusic.com/EDP