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Re: The doors of perception (was Re: Repeater latency)

>Sorry if I got you all bent out of shape there somehow - wasn't intended.

I'm THAT flexible;-). Sorry, tantrum mode off.

The engineering definition of latency I've always heard is
>as a synonym for delay. Do a google search for "latency definition" and 
>will see it defined that way many times. "The length of time it takes to 
>respond to an event". That's also how I've always heard the word used by 
>fellow engineers. Where is it defined otherwise? Sometimes I hear it 
>qualified with some adjective like "unpredictable latency" or "maximum 
>latency", which is really the same as saying "unpredictable delay" or 
>"maximum delay". The adjective implies the uncertainty, not the noun.

To be fair, I've not seen a better definition of latency than e.g. posted 
earlier (the Alcatel link), although it does acknowledge that latency may 
comprised of several components, including pure propagation delay, 
scheduling uncertainty, and jitter.

It's just that in my mind, there's a clear conceptual difference between 
something that cannot help but propagate to the output (e.g. a signal 
through the taps of a digital filter), and an event that is waiting 
to be picked up before becoming manifest as the desired event at the 

>Jitter is defined as the uncertainty of when an event occurs around the 
>time when it is expected to occur. It is often expressed as an absolute 
>number, although more correctly it should be expressed as probability.

I "concur".

>I'm not sure what the point of this is. Mark is caught in a time warp and 
>seeing apes

You appear to pose the question, then give the answer...


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