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Re: Repeater CFC: where to find them

Here's a couple of messages from a few months back that may help:

>From stevek@msidata.com
Just picked up 2 256MB simpletech CFC cards from www.newegg.com
and they worked fine for stereo forward and reverse recording.

I also got one of those and it works fine.

>From fred.arnell@ntlworld.com
www.expansys.com  have compact flash cards with hitachi 
controllers.  I have emailed regarding the faster variety of CFC, 
and they haven't yet got back to me.  I will probably try one of 
their cards anyway as they are a cheaper alternative to Simpletech.  
I will keep you posted when testing is complete.

erika li wrote:

> I am trying to find a NEW compact flash card that will format in my 
> Repeater.  I have tried 3 new Simple Tech 128MB cards, and the new 
> ones will not work.   I have spoken to tech support at Simple Tech, 
> and they tell me that the "controller chip" on the cards continually 
> change, so it is likely the new cards cannot be read by the older 
> Repeater.
> Any idea where I can find a card that will work?  Please give details 
> on the exact type of card, specs if you have them, etc. so I get the 
> correct one. 
> thanks so much!
> erika