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Re: beck/torn

--- Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:
> .....if i gave a monkey a guitar and dowloaded the 
> sounds into a computer

Awww, who told you? That's the theme of the next Chain
Tape Project! :-)

>.....what andre does is "live".....

Actually, live recordings I've heard of splattercell-
era dt *are* live, but have so much, umm, "new
techniques" (for lack of a better term; glitching,
sudden timbral changes, etc.) that they sound like
either 1) more than one player or 2) studio

> i liked much about david's OHA but i 
> came away thinkin "where's the beef"

I sorta thought so at first, too, especially since
when OAH came out I was playing "what means 'solid',
traveller?" and "tripping over god" in heavy rotation.
OAH really grew on me, though, and some of the tunes
towards the end have a lot of 'beef' ie. longer guitar
and oud passages vice shorter manipulated sample

>i haven't heard any other music by david

Check out the two I mentioned above; you'll enjoy them
greatly, Michael!


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