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Syncing 2 PC's


I'm new to the list, I don't know if I'm right here ;)

What I want to do is a live performance with 2 PC's and perhaps a few
keyboards. I did a few tests already, and found my biggest problem is
the sync of the PC's.
One Laptop is a Pentium M 1800, so a quite modern machine, while the
other is a Pentium 400. That means that I can't run *every* software on
the P400 (e.g. Cakewalk Sonar).
I linked the machines with a network cable (100MBit) and run MidiOverLan
on it, which currently just transports Sync Data.
For example I tried to run Ableton Liv on the fast machine, and rebirth
on the slower one. Ableton has a setting to add or remove to the
latency, but it just goes from -50 to +50ms, which isn't enough to get
both machines in sync.
I also tried Ableton+Acid, where the slower PC gave the timecode, but
then the sync would drift.
On the slow PC I can't use Ableton, since I have two different Audio
outs, and Ableton would only let me select one of them, so I have no
dedicated PreListen output.

I just need some ideas, what a successful setup could be...