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Re: Repeater - "conditional stop"

Wanted to give this one just one more shot. Did get one suggestion (thanks Jon) which wasn't quite what I was looking for (but useful in other contexts nevertheless).
Sort of expected perhaps one or a few other Repeater users to chime in and acknowledge that this functionality (tell Rptr to let the loop play to its end, then stop) is at least desirable, albeit not possible with the current OS.
Does the EDP in contrast support such a command?
I imagined it would be only a matter of time before someone would announce they had hacked OS1.1, and made all sorts of improvements... such as being able to configure one track as a MIDI looper...
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Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2003 8:23 PM
Subject: Repeater - "conditional stop"

(Sorry if this has been discussed before, couldn't think of a good search argument to hit the archives with.)
One thing I like (and use) a lot about the DL4 is the "Play Once" button (third from left), particularly in song settings. I'd have the DL4 run a few repetitions of a section, and right after the start of the last desired repetition, I tap Play Once to tell it to play exactly to the end of the loop, then stop. Very seamless and elegant.
As a guitarist, I love this as it allows me to prep the looper in advance, since at the very transition I'm anticipating, I usually have lots of other pedals to hit, often with a time-critical requirement.
Alas, no such thing with the Repeater (at least, not as accessible and intuitive) - which I would prefer on occasion because unlike the DL4 it loops stereo/multichannel.
The only way Repeater is able to respond in this fashion, to my understanding, is by "queueing an empty loop".
There are several drawbacks to this - not possible via simple footpedal, would need to use hands to press buttons & turn knobs, or would require a midi pedal programmed with the macro "queue next loop, wait for CFC, hit play" or some such. Not to mention that the next empty loop might be several loops in the list removed from the current.
I've checked Repeater's command set to see if a MIDI pedal implementation might help me. I can't think of a good sequence that would result in the loop stopping at the end, and with the original loop loaded in memory.
Are there perhaps more sophisticated Repeater operators on the list who have scratched their head over this same simple problem with positive outcome? Would love to learn. Much appreciated in advance!