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Re: midi looper

If you can forego feedback, I would say that a lot of drum machines have
demonstrated that one can do a reasonably job of looping MIDI. What they
generally seem to lack include:

* On the fly loop length definition

* Multiply, insert, etc. options while playing/recording

I also want to do everything else while the machine is playing including
saving patterns for later recall, switching which pattern I'm editing, 

If you are familiar with the Roland Grooveboxes, the RPS stuff is fun for
building pieces by adding and removing loops and effects. It's in some ways
nicer than the simple mute/unmute tracks approach since you can play with
where a phrase starts. But you can't build up a set of RPS phrases live.
Instead you have to write a bunch of patterns and then assign them.

MIDI looping shouldn't try to recreate audio looping. You can use audio
loopers for that. But it should try to recreate the live feel of building
and evolving the material as you go.