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RE: GNX-3/Repeater Questions

> I'm looking for a looper that's mainly
> for torture, with no fun attributes at
> all.  Perhaps Digitech can develop a
> product like that.
> Mark

Hey!  I've got just the thing for you!

It's a hardware box style of looper...as a matter of fact...it's just a 
But its really very high quality, corrugated, post-consumer (nod to the
Greens), cardboard.  By intent (mostly), the outside is a wonderful light
brown (except for a slightly used shipping label) so you can fully 
its graceful appearance.  Indeed, I will include *for free* the special
"Crayola" graphic design kit.  Add your own user interface!

Currently, it loops John Cage's 4'33" perfectly.  The next software update
should expand its repertoire.

Available from off-the-shelf stock.


Dennis Leas