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Re: rds7.6

--- THusken@aol.com wrote:
> Hello everyone.  
> I just snagged an RDS 7.6 from an ebay auction. 
> Unfortunately the unit did not work when I received
> it.  The unit is in beautiful cosmetic shape and all
> the led's are working, but the signal seems to 'pass
> through the unit' without adding so much as a little
> slapback.  What gives?  
> This problem seems so drastic that to my untrained
> brain, it seems like there might be a simple
> solution lurking somewhere.
> Any help you guys could give would be appreciated.
> Thanks, Todd Husken 

Assuming the unit is not defective, you might try
the following:

1) make sure the effect is engaged by pressing the
   effect button on the front panel

2) make sure you're connected to the mix and/or
   phase outputs & that the mix, input, & output
   knobs on front are turned up

3) make sure you're in delay mode & not sample

4) make sure that HOLD is not engaged

You might even want to open the unit & adjust the
trim-pot to see if this helps.

Instructions for this procedure & the users manual
are available on the LD website.


Good luck. I hope you didn't get a lemon. I bought
one off ebay several years ago & although it's beat
to hell, it still operates just fine.



John Tidwell

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