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Re: mac G5 -- what's the word?

jimfowler wrote:

> just curious...i'm a pc user and need a good excuse to get a mac...so i'm
> wondering what the word is on the G5.  it seems to me that the G4 is 
> going for more than the G5.
> -jim

I have an ancient Pentium II PC that I've been using with Pro Tools Le Digi
001.  Because I've been living in a very small apartment the past 2 years I
haven't done much recording, choosing to focus on live looping.  I'm new
moving into a condo, where I'll have a dedicated music room/studio 
Anyway, I plan to upgrade my computer, and I'd like to get a Mac.  I'm 
into a Mac G4, which starts at about $1299.  I think the G5's are going for
about $1999.  I'll update to Pro Tools 6.1 which now supports rewire, so I 
get Reason, which I'm looking forward to using.  Here are a few questions:

1.  Is it wise to get a G4 considering the G5's are coming out?  It seems 
the G4 has been the industry standard computer for the past few years.
2.  In visiting  a Mac store, a salesman told me that the G4 tower is
compatible with any monitor, including my Dell PC monitor.  Is this true?
That would save a lot of additional money, until I can afford a Mac
monitor(which are quite expensive)