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Re: rds7.6

On Thursday, July 31, 2003, at 02:52  PM, Will Brake wrote:
> Go ahead, tweak away. Open all your boxes and start turning all the
> adjustments. I make more money that way, people getting into their 
> gear,
> thinking they will get something "more" out of a box by tweezing it.

i find the VCO trimpot adjustment on the RDS units to be one of the 
coolest things ever. i don't even bother to try to keep it from 
sounding like total crap .... i just cranked it out all the way. it 
tops at 34 seconds, which works out to be most likely around a 4k or 6k 
sampling rate.

especially on the 7.6, because it doesn't scale the anti-aliasing 
filter properly and it sounds like digital grunge.

i really don't think anyone buys RDS units for their pristine audio 
quality, and there's not much harm to be done by fiddling inside of 
them. in fact, you don't really get 100% feedback from the front panel 
unless you tweak the feedback trimmer on the inside.

however, i wouldn't make a habit of doing that to all the gear i own. 
in fact, i don't like messing with anything i can't replace for a 
hundred bucks.
Eric Williamson