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First Impressions on UD Stomp--Yamaha Delay/Mod pedal

Dearly beloved fellow gearheads--

Just got my used UD tonight and spent probably 4 hours with it (am I a
maniac?  yes I am).  It has a lot to offer, especially at current blowout

First off, it is a true looper--no feedback or undo, but capable of 5.6
seconds of looping, with the option to overdub (but not directly out of
record).  Further, the delay times and feedback in Delay Line Land can be
controlled by Continuous Controllers. To top it all off, this is truly a
delay/mod pedal, with some wacky sound I KNOW some of you will enjoy. 

The choruses and flangers are first rate, and there are actually 8 separate
delay modules in this pup, so some of the multitaps are real gone as well.
There are lots of knobs--something the new Yamaha Magic Stomp, going for
pretty much $200 street doesn't have--wonder if it loops?  Bet it does . . 

All I can say is, if you've got a couple of hundred dollars to spare for a
preloop delay/mod, you can't go wrong with this--eBay prices are still
pretty high, but MF was blowin' 'em out (no longer--sorry), so expect the
rest of the merchants to follow--keep your eyes peeled, you won't be sorry.

Gary "No such thing as too many delays" Lehmann

PS  StarrLabs booth at NAMM, come see me--I think I'll bring this new thing