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Re: King crimson stuff

You should check out the KC web site, http://www.elephant-talk.com.  I 
don't think they do much looping as we discuss it on this list -- 
everything is played straight.  There's transcriptions, tablature and 
some midi files on the site.  IIRC Adrian Belew played Roland's guitar 
synth in this band.

On Jan 7, 2004, at 6:51 AM, L. Angulo wrote:

> Ive been listening lately to the looped polyrhytmic
> stuff of K.C especially the discipline album and 3 of
> a perfect pair truly cool and amazing stuff!
> So a question for you K.C. freaks: id like links or
> info to the short 5/8 looped interlocking stuff they
> are doing and also what the hell is adrian using to
> get those ultra high pitched distorted sounds on solos
> like elephant talk,neurotica or neil jack and me? Is
> that a guitar or a synth?
Caleb Deupree