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Re: King crimson stuff

Another one i love fro Adrian is High wired his fuzz
souds are really inspiring!
--- Catilyne <catilyne@icicle.net> wrote:
> At 12:57 PM 1/7/2004, Paul Greenstein wrote:
> >I remember reading various guitar geek interviews
> with Adrian Belew around 
> >the time those albums were released. I think a big
> part of his technique 
> >was to use fairly extreme equalisation to encourage
> particular harmonics 
> >to feed back, plus *really* getting to grips with
> positioning himself 
> >relative to his amp(s).
> One more wrinkle which may not be easily duplicated:
> For years, Belew 
> relied on the same beaten up vintage 60's strat,
> which had a tendency to 
> feed back in really interesting ways (also probably
> didn't hurt that Adrian 
> idolized Hendrix while growing up).
> Evidently, it was this particular style of feedback
> that landed him his 
> first professional gig with Zappa.  (Aside:
> according to some of Belew's 
> interviews, he actually had blown the audition
> entirely, where he was asked 
> to try out with Zappa and the rest of the band. 
> Before leaving, Adrian 
> pulled Frank into a room with just the two of them
> and cascaded him with 
> ten minutes of ear-shattering guitar solo feedback. 
> After that, he got the 
> job.)
> I don't believe Adrian really used any other guitar
> until he picked up a 
> second vintage strat around the time of his first
> solo album, "Twang Bar 
> King" (released between "Beat" and "Three of a
> Perfect Pair", if I remember 
> correctly).
> Also, I've heard rumors that later on there may have
> been a Sustainiac-like 
> system or a compression circuit installed into that
> guitar body's electronics.
> So, some of those high feedback notes may not be
> readily reproducible 
> because they're a function of that particular piece
> of wood under Belew's 
> fingers.  Not impossible to recreate, mind you, just
> a bit more difficult.
> >By the way, have a listen to 'The Great Curve' from
> Talking Heads 'Remain 
> >in Light' album. Great feedback solo from Belew.
> Good one.  Similarly, I'd also recommend 'Two
> Soldiers' from David Byrne's 
> soundtrack for the broadway performance of "The
> Catherine Wheel".  I'm 
> especially fond of the way that, during the solo
> break, Belew obviously 
> took several different feedback takes.  Then, in
> true Byrne/Eno fashion, 
> they were edited into quick machine-gun-like clips
> to form a single guitar 
> solo that is truly twisted and genuinely neat.  I
> believe it has to be one 
> of the first true examples of granular/glitch
> guitar, and probably done 
> entirely with 1/4" tape.  ;)
>          -c-
> _____
> "i want to reach my hand into the dark and *feel*
> what reaches back"
> -recoil


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