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Re: King crimson stuff

> So a question for you K.C. freaks: id like links or
> info to the short 5/8 looped interlocking stuff they
> are doing and also what the hell is adrian using to
> get those ultra high pitched distorted sounds on solos
> like elephant talk,neurotica or neil jack and me? Is
> that a guitar or a synth?

Re. "5/8 looped interlocking stuff." I've seen transcriptions somewhere of
"Discipline" if you want to get their exact notes. Perhaps easier is to
actually experience the concept with a fellow guitarist:
Guitar One plays, ferexample, an A minor pentatonic scale, even eighth
notes, from low A up to G (A-C-D-E-G).
Guitar Two plays *almost* the exact same line with one extra note
(A-C-D-E-D-G). The two "loops" go in and out of phase - six reps of the 5/8
line and five reps of the 6/8 line equals one complete cycle of the 
Once you dig the concept *and can actually do it on your chosen musical
instrument with a fellow musician* you can expand and expand.

Re. Belew's high squeals. String held against polepiece of neck or middle
pickup while using bridge pickup for signal. And/or microphonic feedback
from pickups. And/or the unique warble of the Roland JC-120 amp in Chorus
mode. And/or the
pull-neck-backwards-until-strings-fret-out-against-fretboard technique. 
seen Ade several times crouch near the JC-120 and get different notes by
holding his guitar at different angles.
    Important again: dig the concept, not the color of the fluff on his
stomp box. All this stuff can be done with a ProCo Rat and a Boss Chorus
pedal if you want.
Douglas Baldwin, coyote-at-large