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edp midi sync out

Hi everybody,
I see my post regarding the strange behaviour of a Fireworx slave to 
Edp's midi sync passed with no interest, but I need to make some light 
over the following:
Edp Sync=Out
Edp Midi out goes into Fireworx midi in
Fireworx set to respond midi tempo from Edp's midi channel.
Everything goes ok.
Now a loop is going, Fireworx is in sync.
Whenever I touch any button (multiply, reverse, overdub, mute...) on the 
efc7, I see the Fireworx panel receives each time a new midi tempo order 
(which is still the same originally received at the setting of the 
loop), this thing is a bit annoying as the Fireworx has a sort of "stop 
and go" with the effects which are following its midi sync.
I also suspect this is the cause of the freezing of the Fireworx, after 
a while.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.