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Official Loopers Meeting at NAMM

Realizing how difficult it ever is to get a consensus here at Loopers
Delight (the cause for most
or this wonderful communitie's charm, I think), I e-mailed a suggestion of 
meeting place to Ted Killian (who seems to me to be the most sensible
and well thought person I know at L.D.) and he agreed for the following

To wit,   I would like to propose a formal LOOPERS LUNCHEON at NAMM

at 12 NOON at the
 Starr Labs (#1006, Hall E)
Where fellow list member Gary Lehman will be performing

We can all round up and make a quick consensus about where to go to grab a
bite to eat
(probably a big table at the lunch place at NAMM or one of the nearby Hotel
for sake of ease of getting back to the show).

Here are Ted's most excellent reasons for this spot and a description of 
to get there:

"This is probably the easiest spot for folks to find
too. Hall E is the furthest left hall (as seen when
facing the convention at the main entrance) and
on the lower level (down the escalators). And, booth
#1006 will be one of the first ones you come to on
the furthest left side of the that room too.

Hall E is always a lot of fun anyway. That's where
all of the freaky new ideas pop up from all of the
garage/basement/attic inventors. Sometimes you
run into the most interesting new concepts there.
Then again some of the ideas are pretty pathetic
too. Heheheh. It's also a little quieter that some
of the other halls . . . not always but usually."

Sound like a plan, gang?      We'll see you all there unless there are
strenuous objections
(speak now or forever hold your peace).

Yours,    Rick Walker