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RE: quick edp one...

I have very little experience with the EDP,
but doesn't it sound a bit like "unrounded loop windowing" ?
have you tried what is described in pages 5-22 and next ?
I haven't exactly tried to "window" a single long cycle but will ...

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-----Message d'origine-----
De:     mark francombe [SMTP:mark@mark-red.com]
Date:   vendredi 9 janvier 2004 16:01
:      loopers-delight@loopers-delight.com
Objet:  quick edp one...

Ok, multiply...
Multiplies the current loop, er...I mean cycle... BUT what if you made a
rather long cycle in the first place and you want to DIVIDE it into
sections... if you know what I mean... I often make a short cycle,
multiply it out to say 16X jam a bit overdub a bit, THEN re-multipy it
shorter (theres probably a edp manual term for this...but dunno) On
Repeater its called Trim... 
BUT I really want to do that same thing to cycles that started out as
pretty long in the first place, I AM head down in the manual A LOT, (so
dont just go and say read the manual) but sometimes you just miss
something right??? And this is one pretty fat manual.
thanks in advance
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