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RE: Beat Sync For DL4??

God's Speed Duncan.


goddard.duncan@mtvne.com wrote:
>>>Ever get it worked out?<<
> it is my firm and avowed intention to take the bottom off of my dl4 this
> weekend and put a voltmeter across the relevant switch. that is, if my 
> is actually around.... my band's gear is split between our london studio
> (i.e. my house) and a rehearsal space in stockport, manchester, and I
> can't quite remember where the dl4 is at. but I'm going to make this
> happen.
> I want to develop something very simple- at most, a 3.5mm jack socket and
> a transistor/opto-isolator/handful of resistors to add either internally
> or externally to the dl4 (or actually any tap tempo device- the vortex
> springs to mind, and the dod dimension12, which I've been having a great
> time with btw).
> this would be driven by any clock that can make an LED light up... so one
> might have to add a socket to this other bit of gear too, but I think
> that's a small price to pay for the functionality.
> I have mentioned devices that can be bought or built quite cheaply that
> will derive this pulse from midi-clock, but I'm guessing folks might not
> need to do this if, for instance, they already have something that's
> midi-clocked that blinks an LED at the right rate. I have a bunch of midi
> sequencers that flash their lights and produce gate signals... a more
> elaborate solution might include a counter circuit that would divide down
> such a pulse to produce "taps" at half- or quarter- rates.
> I'm not sure what to do about defeating or modifying this function when
> the dl4 is switched to sample-mode, because the relevant footswitch is
> doing something different then.
> anyway- watch this space.
> d.
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