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RE: steve lawson gig dates for 2004, (US/UK)

Hey there Steve

sounds like you are having a grand ol'time, please let me know if you are 
doing any gigs up'north .
Im currantly fluctuating between Hull and Carlisle, so any gigs in 
Leeds,Shefield, Newcastle Glasgow etc would deffinatly be worth a look in.

  Keep up the good work.
>3rd - National Theatre Foyer - with Theo Travis (starts at 6pm), free - 
>here again. Edwina Curry walked past last time we played here, so we're
>hoping for more ex-tory slack-moraled politicians this time. Maybe John
>Major will grace us with his presence... ;o)
>26th - Traders, Petersfield, Hampshire - solo gig, 9pm. - 5 - this could
>become a semi regular gig, with different collaborators, so please come 
>and support it if you're anywhere near. call 07931-370110 for tickets, or
>email stiffpromotions@tiscali.co.uk for more details.
>2004 March
>a little tour with Michael Manring, and with John Lester joining us for a
>few dates, sponsored by Bass Guitar Magazine!
>16th - Mansons Music Shop, Exeter - clinic/gig with michael manring.
>7.30pm, - this will be a mixture of michael and I playing solo tunes,
>duetting and talking about what we do, certainly not for bass players 
>Something for everyone!  tix 4 call 01392 496379 McCoys Arcade, Exeter,
>18th - Traders, Petersfield, Hampshire - with Michael Manring, 9pm, tix 
>call 07931-370110 for info/tix - back again, this time with Michael.
>20th - 21 South Street Arts Centre, Reading - with Michael Manring and 
>Lester. doors - 7.30pm tix 8.00 from website or 0118 9606060
>A great venue, played there last year with David Friesen and Michael. This
>time with the marvellous John Lester. Please come down...
>21st - The Troubadour, Earls Court, London - with Michael Manring and John
>Lester. 7.30pm 8. same again, only in London. Back at the club where I 
>my first ever solo gig! Please bring friends. Booking info for this one to
>follow soon...
>There may well also be gigs in Southampton and Cambridge on this tour. 
>details ASAP.
>So there we go, I really hope you can come to one of the dates. More
>bookings are coming in all time time, so keep an eye on the gigs page on 
>site, and post gig venue requests in the interact section of my  website.
>www.stevelawson.net (go here for everything you might need...)

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