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Re: one efc 7 controlling 2 Edp

I used an A/B box for a while to switch between two EDPs. I doubt that it
would work for controlling both. I didn't get an A/B box with any sort of
feedback about where control was going so I found myself expending more
concentration on which EDP was active than I really wanted to but that
mistake is easily avoidable at slightly greater expense.

There are also schematics floating around somewhere (search the archives)
for a mod to an EFC-7 to build in an A/B selector switch. That saves on
floor space.


on 1/11/04 3:19 AM, Luca Formentini at luca@unguitar.com wrote:

> Hi,
> Has anyone tried to use an Efc7 splitted into 2 Edps with an A/B
> selector in between ?
> Is it possible to have them working with no problems ?
> I mean:
> Efc7 controlling Just Edp "A"  OR
> Efc7 controlling Just Edp "B"  OR
> Efc7 controlling both ?
> Are resistances values working also if the signal is split ?
> thanks,
> Luca