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SF 1/15: looped cello & turntable inventions

Hey everyone, this Thursday in downtown San Francisco there will be a 
collaboration between Alexander Kort (electric cellist) and Kitundu 
(turntable instrument inventor). Highly recommended!

Thursday, Jan 15 2004 8:00 PM
Luggage Store Gallery
1007 Market Street (at 6th)
San Francisco

8pm: Ara Andersen, trumpet & Dave Mihaly, drums/percussion
9pm: Alexander Kort, cello & Kitundu, unique phonograph instruments

Ara Anderson has been performing and composing in San Francisco since 1995 
and has worked with folk singer Victoria Williams, songwriter J.C. 
Sean Hayes, Jolie Holland, the avant-groove craftsmen known as 
Trio, Chicago rock band Okgo, David Mihaly's art band Shimmering Leaves, 
the New Orleans-style Brass Monkey Brass Band. His composition credits 
include scores for three Killing My Lobster sketch comedy shows 
and an off-kilter musical tapestry for the New Pickle Circus' winter 2002 
show "Circumstance." In the summer of 2002 he received a Meet The Composer 
Grant to perform a solo piece at San Francisco's Meridian Gallery. 
he leads two bands: Iron & the Albatross and Boostamonte. He can be heard 
the latest two Tom Waits recordings "Blood Money" and "Alice."

Dave Mihaly
After studying drums with Andrew Cyril in New Jersey, this tall 
creative master has been heard with countless groups and artists such as, 
Bando, Victoria Williams, and Eartha Kitt. He is however known in the Bay 
Area for his work with the Kalideophone Big Band, and After the End of the 
World Cortet.

Alexander Kort relocated to the bay area in 1996 plays cello, electric 
cello, and double bass, performing regularly in both experimental and more 
traditional idioms. He holds a MA in humanities from SUNY Buffalo, where 
performed with Tony Conrad, made installations and created "Mindstream", 
orchestral arrangement of a song by Meat Beat Manifesto which accompanied 
his directly animated film. Significant Bay Area credits include 
Phantom of the Opera in 1998, the Thief of Bagdad in 1999 and the Red 
Balloon this past August at the Fine Arts Cinema with the group "Prints" 
comprised of Dax Pierson and Marty Dowers. www.alexanderkort.com

Kitundu is a composer, visual artist, DJ and instrument builder. 
Constructing elemental turntables that rely on wood, water, fire and 
earthquakes for their power and pitch, Kitundu uses an inter-disciplinary 
approach to develop compositions/installations/instruments that blur the 
boundaries between media. He has created a family of Phonoharps - 
beautifully crafted multi-stringed instruments made from phonographs. 
Kitundu strives to reconnect the technology of new music to fundamental 
principles drawn from the natural world. In addition, he composes for 
theatre and film, teaches workshops, and continues to explore his 
as a visual and sonic artist. Kitundu was raised in Dar es Salaam, 

Every Thursday, Outsound and Detritus.net present unusual, experimental 
improvised music at the Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco. Located 
downtown, it's the longest running series of its kind in the Bay Area. 
Indoor bicycle parking is available, and we don't mind if you bring in 
outside food and non-alcoholic drink. (Taqueria Cancun is next door!) 
will be turned away for lack of funds.

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