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Re: favorite looping technique

    just spinning off a thought  . .

    in regards to favorite looping technique ..

     not sure if it has been talked about .. but using two turntables
    and doubles of the same record ..

     it's a hip hop thing mainly ' the beat juggle .. where you run the
    same bar from two copies of a record over and over .. then apply
     what skills you can muster to juggle the bar back and forth ..

     I have been doing this with house style music for the past few
     years .. . often running out the breakdown of  song for as long
     as I can .. back and forth .. back and forth ..

     my looping tools are limited .. I have a little Boss dr sample .

     which creates raw and ready samples .. been using it allot on
     my radio show to create impromptu 'stings . then use the mark
     feature to cut the loop up then release ..

     am constantly amazed at the reactions from the audience to such
     simple elements .. . creating stasis or reoccurring themes '


    learning to break it down to basics, keep it simple .. and apply
    accordingly .. . like a touch of basil in a tomato sandwich ..