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OT: speaking of gig racks

speaking of cool gig racks:

I wanted to go on record and praise the Gator rack company.  I've had
incredible luck with them
this past year.   When I blew out some wheels after a couple of really
gnarly extended cobblestone
damaging sprints through both Stockholm and Paris,  they rush mailed me
replacement parts for both of
my 6 space racks.     When I just asked for replacement parts for my 
(and I punished the hell out of these
cases in 6 months, slinging them onto trains, subways, ferries, taxies and
airplanes for 2 months)  they sent me brand new
rack cases.  They have answered every one of my numerous pestering e-mails
immediately and have always been
cheerful and responsive.

The luggage styled built in wheels and the receeding handles are an
innovation in rack cases that has been wanting to
happen for a long time.

I just can't say enough good things about them...........seriously consider


ps I don't have any affiliation with them..........this is totally