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Re: DOD PDS 1002


hell yeah! The sound quality is great, not at all typical delay-pedal-ish, and the double-pedal setup is quite nice. I think it's one of the best compact loopers for those on a budget, you should be able to get one for $60 or even less. You can do great pitch-shifting with it by flipping around the time knob, you can mess with the internal pots for more time and lower sample rate (for lo-fi sound), you can crank up a pot for self-oscillation...The Zoom 2100 is a great looper that you can get for a lot more sample time for about the same money, though it's not as user-friendly and you don't have the pitch-maneuverability.

I'm sure everyone will chime in on the Line 6 looping pedal, and if you afford $200, it offers a lot more time and the ability to reverse. Myself, I like the tone of the DOD a lot better, and the other features compensate somewhat too.

Daryl Shawn

Are these any good ? im thinking of getting a (much smaller) pedal based looping rig I will keep the edp as well (and get a repeater one day), but I was wondering about smaller pedals, anyone used this pedal ?

Also im interested in rack mixer to combine 2 guitars, laptop, 2 or 3 mics. Any ideas ? budget is depressingly small