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Re: DOD PDS 1002

Title: Re: DOD PDS 1002
on 1/18/04 2:20 PM, Shane Whitbread at shanewhitbread@sympatico.ca wrote:

I have mine at 20 seconds.  It sounds VERY lowfi, which is why I leave it there....

So the max is 4-5 on a PDS1002?  I heard 3....suspected it was more like 4-5.  Have you fiddled with a PDS2000 at all?
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From: Daryl <mailto:highhorse@mhorse.com>  
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Sent: Sunday, January 18, 2004 4:07 PM
Subject: Re: DOD PDS 1002

Really??  I'd assumed the delay portion of that unit was the same as the 1002 (which seems to give a max of four or five seconds with the trim adjustment).  

Daryl Shawn

I really suggest looking for a PDS20/20 used.  You can adjust the trim pots to give a maximum of 20 second.  Set it at 8 seconds and it is pretty much a PDS8000.

  whats up fellow loopers. ive been a silent "obserever" thus far (getting on the typer makes my arms feel like im in a piano recital), but the PDS 1002 discussion pulled me in. i happen to have one on its way from Ebayland as we type. do you have to get inside the unit to make the mods? ive been looping my bass and elec. violin along with various MuTron, pitch bends, and synths for a number of years now-- mainly live electro stuff. (stressing the "electro" rather than "live"-- most clubbers dont even realize weve got instruments on)
   now im in a weird rock band thats loop heavy. too fun for words. any info on the 1002 is greatly appreciated. also, the "favorite looping technique" discussions ruled.
  anyone looping in San Diego besides me? later.