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Greets, Loopers;

I've been kind of absent from the list for a while now trying to advance my efforts as a performing improvisor. In lieu of the closing/restructuring of mp3.com, i've put up a page at:
http://www.soundclick.com/bands/6/jairrohmparkerwells.htm. There are two tracks from my new cd up there. This is the "unofficial" debut for "Loopadelica", my "...method of improvising with looping devices". There will soon be a website up at: http://www.loopdelica.com (don't bother going there now as it's not up yet, only the domain is registered.)

Please, surf over and listen to the tracks. I'd really appreciate some feedback from this community that i love and respect so much.

Loop on!

Jair-Rhm Parker Wells

Glass Thought Communications
"Dedicated to the clear pursuit of excellence"
+46 708 940893