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Re: Using computers as a Live Looper - software alternatives

On 04-01-21 08.39,  "Tias" <tias@condomo.com> wrote:

> So if the quantize is set to 1/4, then the plugin will at the moment wait
> untill it has reached the oncoming 1/4 after the end of the loop and then
> start to record a new looplength, just as in ableton live. This meaning 
> if you have a loop that is 16 * 1/4:ths long (4 bars long i guess) then 
> would wait until it comes to the next loop-point before going into 
> Loop Length".
> You see, the plugin is always in overdub-mode. The record-mode is just to
> define a new looplength, not for recording multiple-layers of loops, the
> latter part (multi-layered loops) will be a future feature though. ;)
> /Mattias

If I'm then running running a one bar loop with the quantize set to 1/4 and
go "record", will the looper then wait until the end of the bar/loop to
start recording (thus increasing the loop length)?

Will it wait to the next 4th note starting?
(you said "NEXT loop point" but there can only be one loop point in a loop.
That's what confuses me)

> Actually, pretty much any time division is possible i guess since the
> base-sync is at 1/128 then it just count the number of 1/128:ths that is
> contained in each division. Maybe i'll just do 2 scrolllists so you can 
> any X/Y division.
> But this should also be based on the VST-hosts tempo and 
> since that is a crutial thing too. But it could generate really 
> results to have the host run at 120bpm 3/4 and the plugin at 1/2 

Ha, ha.... That's the spirit! ;-)

Best wishes

Per Boysen