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CD Release hucking...

Ok, ok... it's me again. I've never officially released an announcement,
just posted url's, so...

I'm very pround to announce that my first cd - Biffoz 'Rough' - is now up
and available at cdbaby.com! It's been a long haul through very troubled
waters the last two years, but it's finally up and ready to go.

Some of you have heard a few of the tracks on the CT-Collective
compilations... I'd love to get some feedback from anyone on the list. You
can listen to excerpts at www.cdbaby.com/biffoz

Thanks a bunch!
Here's some of my fancy promo...

Psychedelic, cinematic improv and looping... Futuristic guitar stylings
explode in a polyglot stew of sound. A retrospective of the past two years
of solo and duo live-in-studio work.

Miko Biffle of Santa Cruz, CA. wanders through a multitude of genres and
styles and prefers not to align himself with any single sector. 
he has been creating post-modern guitar improv and psychedelia for over two
decades, but secretly poses as an acoustic balladeer, jazz-blues sideman,
aggro-shredder, solo looper, pit guitarist, audio engineer, and sometimes
all-of-the-above in various S.F. and Montery Bay area ensembles and

Special thanks to guitar and tech wizard Tim Sanz for his intuitive jamming
on tracks 9, 10 and 11. Daringly juggling key bass, drumbox, guitar,
atmospherics, hand drum etc. and succeeding admirably.

Biffoz is one of the founding members of the CT-Collective (Chain Tape
Collective) http://www.music.columbia.edu/~cecenter/mhl21/ct/ct.html

Check out the fresh new ICS Xray Lodge in Santa Cruz!