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RE: Favorite EDP MIDI Foot Controler?

-----Original Message-----
John Metzler wants to know--
This is for anyone who uses a MIDI foot controller with an EDP.
What one do you use and what do you like about it?
Is the Behringer FCB 1010 the way to go?
Can you asign one expression pedal to be Loop play back volume and the 
to be Feedback %  ?
Can you use the EFC-7 along side a MIDI foot controller?

----->  My advice to this guy and others like him--
Don't kill yourself trying to program something complicated if your
knowledge is limited.
I had a Lake Butler Mitigator that I managed to program for a while, then 
the advice of a fellow MIDI musician, I acquired a PMC-10 by Digitech.  At
first it didn't seem easy to program, but it got easier, especially with
Sean Echevarria's PC editing program called Raymond.
The Behringer has a reputation for being difficult to program.  It is cheap
and available but limited and can be frustrating.
I would advice getting the Lake Butler pedal--it is long out of production
but very sturdy and evidently still being sold--the producer named Monk
(Tony Moore's friend--what's his real name? From Over the Rhine) said he
just bought a backup for $50.  If money is not an object, I say get a PC
1600x and a MIDI Mouse.  If money is way not a problem, get out your
checkbook and buy a PMC.
PS  The answers to the last two questions are yes and yes