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Re: Favorite EDP MIDI Foot Controler?

On 04-01-23 06.54,  "John Metzler" <jarofjam@mac.com> wrote:

> This is for anyone who uses a MIDI foot controller with an EDP.
> What one do you use and what do you like about it?
> Is the Behringer FCB 1010 the way to go?

I'm happy with mine. It's quite huge though.
> Can you asign one expression pedal to be Loop play back volume and the
> other to be Feedback %  ?

> Can you use the EFC-7 along side a MIDI foot controller?

Yes. I did that for a while to have more commands instantly available. Then
I sold my EFC-7 to a friend who had a plex but no pedal. So now I have to 
a little more flipping between FCB banks.

Best wishes

Per Boysen