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Before you try that, I suggest you try adjusting your input and output 
levels. There is a noise gate on the input to the loop that prevents a 
variety of problems, but the threshold is set very low. When the levels 
set correctly, you will not notice it because the threshold will be far 
below your signal. If you have the input level too low however, faded in 
notes will have the beginning cut off as you describe. Try increasing the 
input level and reducing the output.

At 06:31 PM 1/23/2004, Andy Ewen wrote:
>Sounds very much like a crystal tolerance problem which sometimes 
>manifests itself when Brother Syncing. I'm afraid there is no really 
>fix; replacing the crystals would probably cure it. Send me your address 
>and I'll send two matched sets. They take about 10 minutes to replace if 
>you are, or know someone who is, very competent with a soldering iron J
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Mike Hunter [mailto:vze298yr@verizon.net]
>Sent: 22 January 2004 23:46
>To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>Has anyone experienced the follwing Echoplex problem?
>I am fading in notes from a guitar When the loop plays these notes on the 
>following pass of the loop, there is no fade!
>It just cuts in.
>I have two Echoplexes in rotherSync with each other (for stero looping.) 
>have AutoRecord off and Threshold set to Zero....Both Echoplexes are 
>experiencing this problem
>Now, another bit of info....
>I had been playing for around a hour when this began to happen... Is is a 
>heat related problem? WOuld re-socketing the IC's help? Has anyone 
>experienced this problem before?
>(I have them off now, cooling down to test my theory.)
>HELP! I have a live solo radio performance tomorrow and I am deparate for 
>a solution!
>Mike Hunter

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