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Re: FCB1010 EDP MIDI thru problem?

Well, I just spent several hours troubleshooting with midi-ox and here's what I found...
First of all, I was wrong when I originally stated the problem was happening will all the devices in my rack, it only happens with the Eventide Eclipse!!!
Here's what I did....  (yes, I used the same cables for all these tests...)
Setup my FCB1010 so button 9 is EDP record (note# 38) and button 10 is overdub (note# 39)
Connected the MIDI out from the FCB1010 into the MIDI in of the G-force, MIDI thru of G-force to EDP MIDI in;
 Works great.... record - overdub no problem!!! then I proceded to do the same thing, one by one replacing the G-force with other devices in my rack, same results no problem until I got to the Eclipse!... problem! When the Eclipe MIDI thru is feeding the EDP, no response!!
I then used MIDI-OX to first observe the MIDI data coming directly out of the FCB1010 when pressing buttons 9 and 10 (record - overdub) then connected the FCB to Eclipse, and watched the MIDI data at the Eclipse Thru.... EXACTLY THE SAME!!! (which it should be, right?)
then connected the EDP and looked at the midi thru data coming out of the EDP....SAME AGAIN!!! ARGHHHHH!!!!!
To further add to this mystery, the Eclipse causes no problems with the other effects in the rack with regards to program changes.
In other words, the Eclipse MIDI thru port appears to be working correctly according to MIDI-OX and the fact that it's passing program changes with it's thru port to all the other devices....
Now, I'm no MIDI novice, I've been using MIDI since the beginning (1980's) I've worked on many complex midi rigs, and I'm an electronics engineer by trade... but this problem is kicking me bigtime!!! what the heck is it!!!.... is it a timing issue? ??
Since the EDP is using midi note messages, the only thing I can think of to try would be to plug the output of a midi keyboard into the eclipse, and feed the midi thru of the Eclipse  to a sound module and give a listen for anything strange...
Glenn Fin