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Video Performance @ Zeitgeist, Friday 1.30.04 7PM - 9PM

Hi folks,

I'll be doing video improvisations at the Zeitgeist Gallery in 
Cambridge, sharing the scene with DJ's, dancers and three other video 
artists. Should be quite an evening, hope to see some of you.

>  WHO:          Electrovideomove produced by 911 Gallery, Voidstar
>                      Productions and  Royal Jelly Collective
>  WHAT:        Video:  dial 8, drT, lena and W2
>                       DJ's:     Nauzeeaun, Ukuphambana, Grenadier, and
>                                    DJVartan play Big Beat Industrial, 
>                                    Powernoise, Downtempo, Trip Hop  and 
>                      Dance: Joe Burgio, Nicole Bindler, Teresa Czepiel, 
>                                    Kafka-Gibbons  and Heather McQuiston
>  WHERE:   Zeitgeist Gallery
>                     1353 Cambridge St.
>                     Cambridge, MA  02139
>  WHEN:      January 30, 2004 at 7pm - 9om
>  COST:        $8
>  RESERVATIONS:  Call Heather McQuiston 617 480-9630
>  For More Info:  Royal_Jelly_Collective@yahoo.com

1353 Cambridge St. Inman Sq. Cambridge
69 Bus from Harvard Gate

NEW PHONE: 617.876.6060


Visit "Before the Fall -- Images of the World Trade Center" at 

"There were so many things there that are not anywhere else in the 
world. There were millions of people, the strange reflective bars of 
the buildings and the shiny and shimmering towers that seemed like a 
fairy tale"   -- David-Michael Cook

                Emile Tobenfeld, Ph. D.
Video Producer                  Image Processing Specialist
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