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Re: echoplex- footswitch problem?

> This is a really naive idea from someone who knows next to nothing about
> electronics, but would somehow cleaning the pedal switch connections help
> the problem?

A corroded connection will likely have a non-zero resistance. That's why 
always want to have clean connections, so there is no signal loss. Add the
button connection resistance to the resistance that the unit expects from
that button and it might mis-interpret which button was pressed. Or, a bad
connection could result in a connection that varies in resistance in some
unpredictable way. For example, ideally, you want the button to go from
infinite resistance (open circuit) to zero resistance (closed circuit) in 
instant. However, if the connection is dirty or corroded, it might not go
from open to closed cleanly. You could end up with some values in between
that are interpreted incorrectly.

This is only theory though. I haven't directly observed this effect. I have
taken electronics courses in college so I know a little bit about this
subject. I also know how the footswitch works so I think this is a 
theory and probably a good place to start.

- Dave