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on-line demo and gig spam for ithacans

Hello Looopers,

I got a Loopstation on the advice of many of you out there last year, 
and finally have a demo that includes a track that uses it.


Also, I have a concert in Ithaca with the inimitable BLAISE BRYSKI, 
pianist,  on Sunday Feb 8 at 4:30 PM if any of you are from this 

Sunday Feb 8 4:30
admission free

sponsored by the Cornell Socity for Humanities
refreshments served!

program includes Ravel's "Tzigane", Brahms "Violin and Piano Sonata 
#3", and David Borden's "K261.01 second movement" on acoustic violin 
and piano and Original compositions and improvisations on the 
Electric Violin and LoopStation.

Thanks for all your looping advice!  Will need more soon...

Ritsu Katsumata