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Re: 16 second delay reissue a reality

well, from a looping perspective, current stompbox loopers like the
Boomerang, Boss RC-20 (and to an extent DD-20) and the Line 6 DL4 all offer
long loop times with reverse playback and octave down (Boomerang and DL4).

Like someone also said, our friend Juan (Maneco) can make a hand assembled
looper (the Elite Maneco) for just over $500 which has far more features
than the 80's 16 sec.

Perhaps it would be worth holding back judgement until EHX actually release
the thing, but for $800, i think i'll be sticking with what i've already


> like what?
> At 09:23 AM 2/14/2004, Gareth Hardwick wrote:
> >IMO, even if the unit was priced at $500, there are other alternatives
> >that could the same for less.
> >
> >Gareth
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