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Re: Echo Pro/drum machine sync

Hi Adrian,

Although the Echo Pro has a lot of MIDI controllable features, it
isn't possible to sync the looper. The delays can be synced to MIDI clock
(including the looper's own descrete delay line), MIDI messages can 
the various functions of the looper (rec/play/overdub/stop/reverse/etc...) 
not sync in the way you describe. I have an Echo Pro and use it for 
looping as
well as for its great range of delays - I'd like it to MIDI sync but its 
very usable and up to that line, makes good use of MIDI (I think).


At 09:56 15/02/2004 -0800, you wrote:
>My name is Adrian and I'm from Ireland. I got a Boss
>RC20 about 8 months ago and have been having lots of
>fun with it, but now I'd like to sync to a drum
>I stumbled across this amazing site recently and it
>seems the best place to ask my question: I read a
>piece about synchronising an Echoplex to a drum
>machine using midi, is it possible to do this with a
>Line6 Echo-Pro too?
>i.e. could I start the drum machine, start
>playing/recording along with it through an Echo Pro,
>and have what I just recorded loop over in time with
>the drum machine? (and is it possible to do all this
>through a midi controlling foot pedal?)
>I have no proper recordings of my RC20 stuff (am in
>the final desperate stages of college and am very
>busy!) but would love in a couple of months to post a
>link on the net & let ye guys hear them to see what ye
>Any answers greatly appreciated,
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