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Re: preset copy from edp to edp

oh, Kim wrote that manual :-)

actually that part we are talking about is Sysex, so its Eric who wrote 

then again, I think I added the preset sysex part later, with Erics 
telefone help :-)

I could not find it either
and had to look it up in the dusty code. What a shame!

in the Sample Dump User Guide its definitally wrong, I forgot to update 
on the "Button commands in Upload-mode" page:
under Insert:
it should not say "reserved" but "send actual local parameters"
under Mute:
it should not say "reserved" but "send all parameters"

in other words:
go to MIDI/Upload,
press INSERT and all your presets and the global parameters will be 
transfered to the brother EDP or
press MUTE and the Preset which is loaded is transfered to your brother EDP
(probably replacing its loaded preset (0) so you can select where to save 

Its quite a usefull feature for users with two EDPs!
and it probably also works to transfer presets to the computer, somehow.
tell it everyone!

sorry for that!

>Hi Matthias,
>I searched in the Loop IV manual but I found no trace about preset 
>Maybe I miss a page, or maybe I'm in love and can't see it..... ;-)
>let me know if you can find it !
>>---> http://Matthias.Grob.org
>>yes, directly, single presets or all at once!
>>but I would have to look up the manual, too
>Luca wrote:
>>        Hi dear loopers,
>>is there any way to transmit presets (with loop IV on both edps) 
>>from one edp to another ?
>>I mean without saving it to midifile and send it to the other machine.


          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org